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    Water harvesting project will benefit 2,500 producer families in the Nicaraguan dry corridor

    IICA will assist CATIE in implementing a project that seeks to generate opportunities for producers to become involved in market initiatives.
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    IICA and ALADI launch series of conferences to train agricultural SMEs that wish to export

    This is the second year in which these seminars are being carried out. The goal is to foster the internationalization of companies, a challenge that has become even more relevant within the context of the current pandemic.
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    Mexican group Los Folkloristas joins IICA’s tribute to food chain workers

    The group, which has pioneered the dissemination of traditional Latin American music, has taken part in IICA’s campaign to channel greater political and social attention towards the agriculture and rural sectors amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.
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    João Bosco, iconic Brazilian popular music singer and composer joins IICA in paying tribute to agrifood chain workers

    With a musical style that fuses bossa nova, samba and jazz with African rhythms, Bosco has inspired thousands and has been recognized as an ambassador of Brazilian popular music.
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    Cooperatives and associations are vital in strengthening the contribution of family farming to food supply

    The Americas will require greater digitalization and connectivity, as well as differentiated public policies to increase the competitiveness of family farming producers after the pandemic.


  • Adrian Salazar, Ministro de Ciencia, Tecnología y Telecomunicaciones | MICITT

  • Constanza Boeglin. Participante del curso de Bioeconomía

  • Centro de Interpretación de la Agricultura del Mañana. CIMAG.

  • CIMAG, Microsoft - IICA

  • The Outlook for Agriculture and Rural Development in the Americas:

    A Perspective on Latin America and the Caribbean

    Each edition of the ECLAC-FAO-IICA joint report analyzes the main trends that affect agriculture and impact the lives of rural dwellers, and provides an outlook on possible future scenarios with respect to each topic covered by the document.

  • Rural Women


    The authors dissect data and statistics on the lives of rural women, and explain the urgency of creating opportunities to empower them; they also describe the reasons for which rural women should be prioritized in national and international agenda.