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  • The Director General of the FAO was presented in Rome with a document that reflects the consensus position of the countries of the Americas ahead of the UN Food Systems Summit

    The countries of the Americas came to the Pre-Summit, having achieved a consensus position, after extensive dialogue and debate. The Pre-Summit is the preparatory event for the global forum that will take place in New York in September, in parallel with the UN General Assembly.
  • Food Systems Pre-Summit: The countries of the Americas give a resounding display of unity at global forum on the future of food production

    In a joint act in Rome, 33 countries of the Americas demanded that the voice of the Hemisphere be heard and fully incorporated into the Summit debates and recommendations.
  • Food Systems Pre-Summit: The role of science and innovation, key to improving the sustainability of agriculture

    Experts call for the adoption of an ambitious public-private partnership agreement aimed at administering and channeling investment for the advancement of science and technology systems
  • Female ministers and deputy ministers of agriculture of the Americas launch forum to improve policies and promote rights for rural women

    The I Forum of Ministers and Vice Ministers of Agriculture of the Americas will serve to propose specific policies to promote the sustainable development of agrifood systems through recognizing the crucial contribution of rural women. Organized by IICA, the Forum was launched by the ministers and deputy ministers of 12 countries.
  • FONTAGRO and IICA promote the strengthening of innovation ecosystems to develop and apply new technologies to agriculture

    The organizations launched a webinar series in which specialists will analyze the opportunities for agro-digitalization in the Americas.
  • U.S. Secretary of Agriculture participates in a meeting with the Mercosur countries and Chile and Bolivia, prior to the UN Food Systems Summit

    At the meeting, in response to a request by ministers of the Southern Agricultural Council (CAS), the Director General of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) handed over a technical report on beef cattle as a “strategic asset” of the region.