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    The Minister of Agriculture of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has issued a food security alert in this Caribbean country

    At a meeting of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), Minister Saboto Caesar asked for support and solidarity, and stated that "access to food in the country is in jeopardy" after the volcanic eruption that compromised the productive capacity of local agriculture.
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    Family farmers should have access to new technologies to fuel greater productivity, sustainability and income

    Luciano Braverman, Director of Education for Microsoft Latin America spoke with the Agro América program, airing on Brazilian TV channel Agro Mais. about the role of rural schools in technology incorporation processes.
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    The EU-IICA program PROCAGICA presented its achievements to the Ministers of Agriculture of Central America

    Restoration of coffee plantations, crop diversification to increase food security, strengthening of early warning systems and scientific research to improve the resilience of coffee plants are among the program’s most significant impacts.
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    Rattan Lal lecture for Paraguay: “Agricultural sustainability will only be possible if the human and social dimension is given top priority”

    Speaking at a keynote lecture for Paraguay, the scientist, who is considered the world’s leading authority on soil sciences, established a direct relationship between environmental degradation, deteriorating living conditions and chronic poverty.
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    Alarm bells sound in Peru and Ecuador amidst the banana “pandemic”: experts call for public-private cooperation to battle the scourge

    The Global Alliance for Cooperation in the Fight against Fusarium TR4 informed Peruvian authorities that it stands ready to collaborate in planning actions to tackle the crisis.
  • Virtual ceremony to bestow the title of IICA Goodwill Ambassador on Michael Kremer

  • Soil health: the welfare of all humanity

  • IICA - PAD agreement

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Programa CRIA, juntos se llega más lejos

Programa CRIA, juntos se llega más lejos


Ceremony to confer the title of IICA Goodwill Ambassador to Mr. Hipólito Mejía Domínguez