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Alianzas estratégicas

  • Microsoft

    A strategic partner of IICA since October 2018. Through this synergistic relationship, the two entities develop technological solutions aimed at digitizing agriculture in the Americas and bridging the digital divide in rural territories.

    Among the most noteworthy joint initiatives are IICA Play, a free video streaming platform with technical, educational and informational content related to agriculture and livestock farming, as well as the creation of climate station prototypes for small-scale farmers.

  • Bayer

    A partner since February 2019. Our common objective is to enhance agricultural sustainability in the hemisphere. Partnership efforts focus on empowering small farmers, instructing them in good agricultural practices, facilitating their access to markets and fostering leadership in young agricultural entrepreneurs.

    Joint actions include the building of demonstration plots which serve as a model to teach producers how to implement sustainable agricultural practices, correctly utilize technology to boost productivity and protect the environment, as well as capitalize on opportunities afforded by the bioeconomy.

  • Corteva Agriscience

    Has worked closely with IICA since 2018, highlighting the pivotal role of rural women in global food production, in a bid to empower them and to improve their socioeconomic conditions.

    Their contributions include providing financial support for the second edition of the book “Warriors”—a compilation of perspectives and articles that seek to demonstrate the urgency of creating greater opportunities for women living in rural areas—and for displays of the photographic exhibit “The Soul of Rurality”.

  • The Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT) of Costa Rica

    Since December 2018 the Ministry has joined forces with IICA to promote scientific and technological development, as well as technology transfer and innovation to benefit the agriculture sector in Costa Rica, Latin America and the Caribbean.

    Initiatives have focused on the digital transformation of agriculture and on bridging the digital divide to improve the standard of living of vulnerable communities, in addition to boosting productivity, competitiveness and socioeconomic development. One project of note is the establishment in San José of the first Fab Lab specializing in management and technological innovation for the agriculture sector.