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Leaders Of Rurality

The IICA will recognize rural leaders in the Americas, under an initiative to pay tribute to men and women who are leaving their mark and making a difference in Latin American and Caribbean rural communities.

This award pays tribute to those who are playing a unique dual role: guaranteeing food and nutritional security, by producing under all circumstances, as well as protecting the biodiversity of the planet. It will also emphasize their capacity to be positive role models in rural areas of the region.

  • Mexican agronomist Gabriela Lucas Deecke to receive IICA award for efforts to improve the quality of life of vulnerable rural populations

    In 2011 Gabriela knew she wanted to devote her life to training family farmers on how to produce abundant, healthy and nutritious foods for their families and communities. As a result, she founded the CIASPE, an organization aimed at strengthening the self-management capabilities and resilience of small-scale farmers—and particularly female leaders.
  • Brazilian farmer Simone Silotti to receive IICA “Leaders of Rurality” award for initiative that connects farmers and organizations working to feed at-risk population

    “Do an incredible good” connects small farmers and organizations working with at-risk populations. It has already prevented 200 tons of food waste and benefited more than 100 farmers.
  • Trinidadian advocate of resilient agriculture to feed the Caribbean will receive the IICA “Leaders of Rurality” award

    With research and patience, Roop has learned to adapt to climate change, becoming an expert in soil care and natural resource management. 
  • Chilean farmer and advocate of inclusive, integrative agriculture, Alfredo Carrasco, to receive IICA “Leaders of Rurality” award

    In 2017, Carrasco suffered a serious accident that forced him to reinvent himself at a very young age. Today, the 25-year-old has forged a new path through FarmHability, an inclusive project that promotes sustainable, integrative agriculture.
  • Elvia Monzón, cooperative member and coffee producer from Guatemala, to receive IICA “Leaders of Rurality” award

    The award is part of an initiative by the specialized agency in rural and agricultural development to recognize the men and women who are leaving their mark and making a difference in the rural areas of Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • IICA initiative recognizes and turns the spotlight on rural leaders in the Americas

    The men and women making a difference in Latin American and Caribbean rural areas will be bestowed with the #SoulOfRurality award, by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), and will be invited to participate in various advisory bodies of the specialized agency for agricultural and rural development.