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Innovation has a profound and widespread impact on agricultural production and production efficiency and is also a mechanism that enables transformation and change in the society, institutions and businesses in the agricultural and rural environment.

This area will seek to adopt an innovative approach, by using science and technology as tools for the transformation and improvement of agriculture in the hemisphere.

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    Smart management of the Mediterranean fruit fly in Mexico strengthens food production

    Mexican producers play a leading role in combating this insect in the countryside.
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    Eight South American singers and musical groups join the IICA tribute to food chain workers

    Approximately 100 artists and musical groups have now come on board the IICA initiative to turn the political and social spotlight on the agriculture sector and rurality during Covid-19.
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    Syngenta and IICA join forces to foster agricultural innovation in the Americas

    Headquartered in Switzerland, Syngenta is a global leader in the research and development of products to protect crops and improve seeds. The company and IICA will work together to implement projects aimed at expanding farmers’ access to tools that foster sustainable agricultural production.
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    The 2020 World Food Prize winner appeals for sustainable soil management to boost agricultural productivity

    During an online conversation with Manuel Otero, Director General of IICA, renowned scientist and Nobel Prize winner, Rattan Lal, emphasized the importance of soil health in creating a more efficient and environmentally friendly agriculture sector.
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    South American Parliamentarians discuss the implementation and regulation of agricultural insurance

    The discussion took place during IICA’s II virtual forum of parliamentarians, with the participation of the Chairpersons of the Agriculture Committees in the Chambers of Deputies and Senates of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.


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  • Entrevista a Jeffrey Lansdale, Rector de la Universidad Zamorano.

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