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Innovation has a profound and widespread impact on agricultural production and production efficiency and is also a mechanism that enables transformation and change in the society, institutions and businesses in the agricultural and rural environment.

This area will seek to adopt an innovative approach, by using science and technology as tools for the transformation and improvement of agriculture in the hemisphere.

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    IICA establishes Advisory Council for Food Security in the Americas

    The Council, which is made up of experts from eight countries in the Americas, will make available to the various public and private sector entities, analysis and recommendations on food security, that may be used to facilitate decision making.
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    IICA tackles the emergency, by prioritizing and strengthening support to guarantee food security and agricultural sustainability

    The strategy is to focus on technical cooperation actions that can mitigate the impact of the pandemic in the agrifood and rural sectors of Latin America and the Caribbean.
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    The IICA Director General maintains that this pandemic calls for more effective and innovative technical cooperation

    In addressing the staff of this Inter-American agency that specializes in agricultural and rural development, Manuel Otero insisted that the actors who ensure the everyday supply of food to markets must be given a rousing applause.
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    IICA expands online resources offering training in agriculture

    The Institute’s online platforms contain a wide selection of online courses, 1,700 scholarships and thousands of technical documents on agricultural and rural issues, which can be accessed at
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    Ministers of Agriculture of MERCOSUR, CHILE, BOLIVIA and PERU establish standards to guarantee transportation of food supplies

    The online meeting was convened at the request of Brazil’s Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply, Tereza Cristina (center), who was accompanied by representatives from her country’s Ministries of Infrastructure and Foreign Affairs.


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