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This program concentrates on issues related to the sustainability of natural resources, particularly soil and water, and on managing risks associated with the dynamics of agroproduction and the rural environment.

Actions are geared towards achieving sustainable management of production resources, increased resilience capacity and the development of platforms to enable efficient and effective management of the risk of external shocks.

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    IICA Delegation in Guyana forges Relationship with BTNF for Climate Smart Project

    The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) Delegation in Guyana has successfully foraged a relationship with the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) of the Ministry of Finance.  Funds for this project are derived mostly from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).  This relationship between the BNTF and IICA was initiated with the IICA Guyana Office submitting a concept note for Shade House development and monitoring inclusive of training targeting community groups and family farmers.  The concept note focused on targeting farmers wh

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    IICA Hosts Trade Meeting with USTR Agricultural Negotiators and Members of Diplomatic Corps

    The United States’ Chief Agricultural Trade Negotiator Ambassador Gregg Doud and his top agriculture trade team discuss key trade issues with agricultural attaches and representatives of International Organizations during IICA’s high-level trade meeting hosted in Washington DC
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    IICA participated in a meeting of experts organized by Bayer in Germany to discuss opportunities for small-scale farmers

    IICA was the only institution representing the Americas in a roundtable of international experts hosted by Bayer’s Crop Science Division in Germany. The participants discussed and identified productive opportunities that would allow for improving economic and social conditions for small-scale farmers in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
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    Suriname bets on digital modeling tools to improve capacities for Agricultural Disaster Risk Management (ADRM)

    The workshop sought to expose stakeholders to modern digital modeling tools and the operation of drones
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    IICA and the International Potato Center will work together on an agenda focused on agrobiodiversity, resilience and food and nutritional security

    Both institutions will also prioritize initiatives associated with migration, productivity, research, development and agricultural innovation.


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