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The Program focuses on promoting a productive, competitive and sustainable agriculture sector that provides a safe supply of food through local, regional and global markets, by formulating, improving and applying policies based on agricultural health and food safety and quality (AHFS).

Its key areas of focus are the promotion of institutional strengthening of AHFS systems; the harmonization, updating and implementation of health, safety and quality standards; capacity development for the adoption of best practices; and the tackling of emerging issues and health, phytosanitary and food safety emergencies, with an emphasis on cross-border cases.

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  • Carol Thomas, Jamaica
  • Gretchen Stanton, Mexico/United States
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  • Production bovine durable dans les Amériques / Session 2: comment le bétail et la viande bovine...

  • Sustainable beef / Session 3: How livestock preserve high-value food systems

  • Agriculture and the 2022 Summit of the Americas

  • Agriculture and the 2022 Summit of the Americas

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Technical Cooperation Direction

Ana Marisa Cordero

Interim Program Manager