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    University of Chile and IICA kick off Diploma in Rural Extension 2021

    The diploma program comprises three courses: Designing an Extension Program; Participatory Diagnosis; and Innovation Management and Communication. The program delivers the theoretical foundation and practical tools for rural extension professionals.
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    Chile’s National Irrigation Commission and IICA will present innovative water management solutions for agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean

    International experts will share large-scale solutions such as watershed management and payment for environmental services, as well as agroecological, technological and ancestral alternatives for peasant family farming.
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    The time has come to generate conditions for the rural sector to be considered a place of opportunities and development, declared the Minister of Agriculture of Chile

    María Emilia Undurraga, Chile's Minister of Agriculture, in an interview with Agro America, a program broadcast on Brazil's Agro Mais TV channel, gave details of her country's public policies in favor of rural development.
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    Producers Market and IICA unite efforts to digitalize and simplify agrifood trade in the Americas

    The agreement will focus on facilitating trade and farmers’ access to different markets and consumers, via a technological platform that enables transparency and equity.
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    Locusts: a threat that calls for transnational strategies

    Representatives of more than 30 countries participated in the II Regional Cooperation Seminar for Latin America and the Caribbean. In November, a discussion forum for Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa will focus on locust prevention and control strategies.


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