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Delegation in Chile

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    “IICA in Action”: New IICA podcast for Spotify will discuss challenges and opportunities for the agriculture and rural sector  

    En alrededor de 15 minutos, cada capítulo del podcast rescatará temas y elementos informativos con una dinámica renovada, voces diversas y acciones relevantes para la actividad agropecuaria y la vida rural. 
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    Chile is on a drive to strengthen family and smallholder agriculture and to prioritize irrigation and technology adoption, says new agriculture minister

    Esteban Valenzuela, the South American country’s new Minister of Agriculture, outlined the objectives set by his administration, during an interview on AgroAmerica – a program on Brazil’s TV Agro Mais.
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    Chile’s new Minister of Agriculture and IICA’s Director General agree to work towards a sustainable and efficient agriculture sector

    The two officials discussed their work agendas and exchanged information about the challenges in the agriculture sector.
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    University of Chile and IICA kick off Diploma in Rural Extension 2021

    The diploma program comprises three courses: Designing an Extension Program; Participatory Diagnosis; and Innovation Management and Communication. The program delivers the theoretical foundation and practical tools for rural extension professionals.
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    Chile’s National Irrigation Commission and IICA will present innovative water management solutions for agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean

    International experts will share large-scale solutions such as watershed management and payment for environmental services, as well as agroecological, technological and ancestral alternatives for peasant family farming.



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