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  • IICA bolsters the competitiveness of the dairy goat value chain in Trinidad and Tobago

    The Trinidad and Tobago Goat and Sheep Society as well as other entities are demonstrating the potential of the nation’s small ruminant sector and implementing significant changes to drive its development. 

  • Small rumiants

    IICA bolsters the competitiveness of the dairy goat value chain in Trinidad and Tobago

  • Accountability

    IICA identifies agricultural innovation as a solution for narrowing the global food gap

  • Results

    IICA presents actions carried out to develop agricultural chains in the Americas

  • Agricultural health

    Peru and Colombia begin preparations to comply with new requirements for exporting food to the U. S.


  • Book release

    Good agricultural practices for more resilient agriculture: guidelines for producers and governments

  • Technical forum

    Characterization of family farming in the Caribbean

  • Technical Forum

    Microbial Biofertilizers & Sustainable Production


IICA Plantation Breakfast


This video highlights the partnership between IICA and the Barbados Hospitality Institute, as well as the focus on youth and linking agriculture to local cuisine and tourism.

  • IICA Plantation Breakfast

    3 months ago
  • IICA Multi-crate Handover

    3 months ago
  • Agro-chain directory now in hands of local farmers

    4 months ago
  • Linking local agri-business to the region

    4 months ago

IICA Connection


  • Metodología MECA, una herramienta para reducir la pérdida de alimentos

    La metodología MECA permite detectar las debilidades en las cadenas agroalimentarias que llevan a la pérdida de alimentos y plantear soluciones adecuadas. Conocemos sus características y alcances, así como la reciente experiencia de su aplicación en la cadena de lechuga de Uruguay.

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