Ir Arriba

Inspirational stories that reinforce our commitment

We have created a platform for sharing exemplary, inspirational stories about IICA’s technical cooperation that offer lessons to enrich our work. Within the context of the current pandemic, these people-centered stories allow us to renew our commitment to supporting efforts aimed at guaranteeing food security throughout the hemisphere.

  • Successful innovation attempt by a Venezuelan farmer to improve rice resilience

    SRI enabled Miguel Agüero from Guárico in Venezuela to obtain greater yields from the crop while using fewer resources.
  • Elvia Monzón, a natural leader who promotes the presence of women in coffee growing in Guatemala

    Ever since her husband migrated and left her alone with four small children, this female coffee farmer has learned to deal with difficult situations and has become the leader of a cooperative in San Antonio Huista.
  • Smart management of the Mediterranean fruit fly in Mexico strengthens food production

    Mexican producers play a leading role in combating this insect in the countryside.
  • Vi Café youth cooperative: A passion for making the best coffee

    In San Antonio Huista, Guatemala, a youth cooperative is working to modernize the ancestral practices that hamper the production and commercialization of their crops, while teaching more and more people to appreciate great-tasting coffee.
  • Conservas Laurelis: Ecuador’s women have their sights set on the international market

    Ellen Mortensen opened her agrifood business five years ago and plans to begin exporting after the pandemic – a step she has been preparing to take for almost a year, with IICA’s support.