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    IICA and its partners will launch a new virtual business round for agrifood businesses with a view to strengthening intra-regional trade

    Registration for the event, to be held between May 24 and 28, is already open.
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    IICA to organize virtual dialogues to bolster the position of the agriculture sector of the Americas ahead of the Food Systems Summit

    The meetings will be organized under the banner of the Summit Dialogues, requested by the organizers, as a means of stimulating discussion prior to the global forum. The issues to be addressed will include cooperatives, the bioeconomy, agricultural digitalization, the One Health approach and international trade.
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    PROCAGICA supports female participation in Salvadoran coffee production

    María de Los Angeles Alvarado, coop member and program beneficiary, is undertaking key activities that relate to the quality of the coffee. She is putting into practice the lessons learned through the initiative, such as selective picking of the bean, which she then sends to be processed into parchment coffee, in order to obtain a better price.
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    Experts from the Americas, speaking at a high-level event, emphasize the importance of cereals and oilseeds in sustainable agrifood systems

    IICA organized the virtual seminar to promote the Western Hemisphere’s perspective and sustainable production practices in preparation for the UN Food Systems Summit 2021.
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    “PROCAGICA has put us back on our feet”: José Amílcar García, Honduran coffee farmer

    Coffee leaf rust ravaged his entire coffee plantation some years ago, but today he is making strides, with timely support from the European Union and IICA program.
  • Ceremony to confer the title of IICA Goodwill Ambassador on Mr. Hipólito Mejía Domínguez

  • Lanzamiento AgriExtApp

  • Environmental sustainability of soil and climate change: a challenge for LAC


La agricultura frente al cambio climático

La agricultura frente al cambio climático


Ceremony to confer the title of IICA Goodwill Ambassador to Mr. Hipólito Mejía Domínguez