Ir Arriba


  • Antimicrobial Resistance: an emerging issue for the livestock sector and food safety services

    Six South American countries prepare a regional strategy and national surveillance plans to prevent and control antimicrobial resistance in food animals.

  • Differentiated public policies are key to strengthening family farming in Latin America and the Caribbean

    At a forum organized by IICA, specialists agreed on the need to make this social category a priority on public agendas in order to devise a legal framework that will strengthen it.

  • IICA specialists and members of Costa Rica’s CLIITAs receive training in how to reduce food losses

    Experts from the Institute and other organizations were taught how to use and apply a methodology that helps reduce postharvest losses in agricultural crops.

  • Caribbean countries take part in the Regional Colloquium of the Codex Alimentarius

    The meeting, organized by IICA and the United States Department of Agriculture, is the third to be held in Latin America this year.

  • Countries call for improved efforts to transfer technologies for the adaptation of climate change to small-scale producers

    IICA report summarizes the arguments put forward by several countries in the Americas supporting the creation of an international working group on climate change and agriculture.

  • Carbon neutrality can make agribusinesses more competitive

    Officials from across Latin America learned about the WTO’s provisions on environment, with a view to promoting policies designed to make agriculture more competitive and sustainable.