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  • ​​International experts agree on the need to foster agricultural research

    This conclusion was drawn from the 2nd Congress on Agricultural Research for Development, held this month in Madrid.

  • Partnership will promote the sustainable development of family farming in Latin America and the Caribbean

    An agreement signed by IICA and the World Rural Forum seeks to strengthen the contributions of family farming to food and nutritional security.

  • IICA and the EU launch program to address the effects of coffee leaf rust on Central America and the Dominican Republic

    The initiative integrates national and regional efforts to achieve a more competitive, sustainable and inclusive coffee production, and will benefit over 330,000 small and medium-sized coffee growing families in the region.

  • IICA launches program to combat coffee leaf rust in Central America and the Dominican Republic

    The initiative will be carried out over the next five years and is expected to benefit 330 thousand coffee-growing families.

  • The water footprint: an important calculation with major implications for agriculture

    In a technical forum held at IICA, specialists from Latin America and Spain explained how this indicator could lead to water being used more efficiently in agriculture.

  • LAC and EU agrifood innovation networks set to receive a boost

    The European Commissioner for Agriculture and the Director General of IICA will inaugurate the international seminar of Red INNOVAGRO, due to take place in Spain from April 23-25.