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  • At COP27, the dairy industry of the Americas recounts the path it has taken to contribute to climate change mitigation

    Representatives of the industry and of the public sector made it clear that climate change mitigation and adaptation are a priority for a sector that is a key player, not only in global food security, but also in the economic and social sustainability of the hemisphere.
  • Minister of United Arab Emirates, who will host COP 28, stages a discussion on agrifood systems and climate change in the IICA pavilion

    The meeting, which was facilitated and attended by representatives from Food Forward Consortium and Food Action Alliance, among them, the latter’s Executive Director, Adam Gerstenmier, discussed ways to foster more concrete linkages between agrifood systems and climate action in the coming months.
  • The livestock industry of the Americas, a key player in global food security, showcases its progress towards sustainability at COP27

    The panel discussion “Livestock Sustainability throughout the World. Working towards Sustainability in All Regions and for All Production Systems” was an event at the COP27. The venue was the Home of Sustainable Agriculture of the Americas, a pavilion mounted at the summit by the IICA, with the support of its Member States and international partners. 
  • COP27: Caribbean nations, the world’s most vulnerable countries to climate change, should collaborate with the Commonwealth to boost resilience

    The Commonwealth is a community of nations from various regions of planet that share historical ties with Great Britain and seek to foster international cooperation in the political and economic spheres.
  • Agriculture of the Americas flies the flag for sustainability at COP27 and highlights the role of producers and science-based policies in the fight against climate change

    During an event that placed sustainable agriculture at the top of the COP27 agenda, farmers, ranchers and public sector representatives from the Americas highlighted the good environmental practices applied by the agriculture sector, which guarantees global food security. They also reaffirmed the key role of science in developing pro-nature policies in the region.
  • The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification and IICA are joining forces to promote greater prioritization of soil protection in public policies

    Andrea Meza, Deputy Executive Secretary of UNCCD, and Manuel Otero, Director General of IICA, agreed on this course of action at a meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, during the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27). The Convention brings together heads of State, ministers and negotiators, alongside climate activists, mayors and civil society and private sector representatives.