Ir Arriba


  • This Thursday, 1 December, IICA will present a new study on the state of rural connectivity in Latin America and the Caribbean

    The research, which received support from the World Bank, Bayer, CAF-Development Bank of Latin America, Microsoft and Syngenta, will be launched in a virtual event with the participation of ministers and secretaries of agriculture and private sector executives from the region.
  • Ministers at event organized by the Wilson Center and IICA share the same opinion: agri-food system transformation and climate change adaptation must make tackling social inequality a priority

    The participants in the virtual meeting were Cecilia López Montaño, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Colombia; Laura Suazo, Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock of Honduras; Juan José Bahillo, Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Argentina; and Senator Avinash Singh of Trinidad and Tobago, who also serves as a minister in his country’s Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries.
  • At the Forum of Female Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Agriculture, officials warn that the recognition of unpaid work is vital to empower rural women

    Despite their crucial role in food production and community life, women receive less income than men, and face greater obstacles to accessing land ownership and financing.
  • Ministers of Agriculture of Latin America and the Caribbean will analyze the sector’s role in restoring regional economies and guaranteeing global food security

    Senior agricultural officials from Argentina, Colombia, Honduras and Trinidad and Tobago will participate in a virtual dialogue organized by the Wilson Center and IICA. Manuel Otero will deliver the closing remarks.
  • IICA and IDB to lead a platform for sustainable livestock farming in the Americas 

    The main objectives of the platform will be to develop a shared vision for sustainable livestock farming in the hemisphere and to promote policies and lines of action to assist current livestock farming systems in transitioning towards systems characterized by greater economic, social and environmental sustainability.
  • IICA applauds Colombia’s leadership in climate change mitigation and adaptation in agriculture and celebrates the country’s agreement with the Green Climate Fund and CAF

    Manuel Otero, IICA Director General, emphasized the efforts of the government and the Colombian production sector to harness the enormous potential of the country to be a climate-smart production power, remarking that, “Colombia’s achievement in signing this agreement—that will allow it to satisfy the emission targets of the agriculture sector that the country committed to under the Paris Agreement—sets an example for agriculture throughout Latin America and the Caribbean”.