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  • Canada’s agriculture sector contributes to the preparation of IICA’s work plan

    Entities related to Canada’s agriculture sector shared their technical viewpoints to enrich the document that will guide the Institute’s cooperation actions over the next four years.

  • Canada shares the latest modifications to their food safety regulations with Costa Rican exporters

    With support from IICA, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency presented the most significant modifications to its food safety system, which will become effective this year.

  • Canadians Celebrating IICA’s 75th Anniversary!

    IICA’s 75th anniversary Soiree 


  • IICA identifies agricultural innovation as a solution for narrowing the global food gap

    Effective knowledge transfer, improved practices and agricultural innovation could increase productivity in the Americas to better feed the growing global population.

  • Canadians’ love for chocolate could prove useful in supporting agricultural communities in Peru

    The average consumption of cacao in Canada amounts to 6.4 kilos per person each year, making the country as the ninth largest consumer of chocolate in the world.

  • Making Agriculture Research & Innovation more Impactful

    The Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) recently had representatives from each geo-political region deliberating strategies for working together to address challenges facing global agriculture, against the backdrop of the Sustainable Development Goals.