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  • International cooperation is key to strengthening food security amidst the pandemic says the Minister of Agriculture of Trinidad and Tobago

    Clarence Rambharat, Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, was interviewed from Port of Spain on the Agro América program, which airs on the Brazilian TV station, Agro Mais.
  • IICA and the Institute on Science for Global Policy will promote the development of science-based agricultural policies

    The entities signed an agreement to encourage the inclusion of youth in the design of policies and initiatives in areas such as resilience, traceability, biotechnology, sanitary and phytosanitary matters and food security.
  • Caribbean ministers highlighted IICA’s role in tackling food insecurity and discussed new challenges stemming from the pandemic

    Caribbean ministers of agriculture stressed the need to reduce food import dependency and to digitalize rural areas, while offering proposals to increase climate change resilience.
  • The rural youth of Africa and the Americas will engage in dialogue with a view to promoting agricultural sustainability

    IICA and CSAYN will contribute to an exchange of knowledge between the Americas and Africa in order to promote rural well-being, agricultural productivity, food security, and the rational use of natural resources.
  • Agridigitalización: market access and funding opportunities for rural populations in Bolivia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras and Peru

    More than 10,500 farmers will be able to overcome obstacles faced in accessing markets and funding opportunities during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The time has come to generate conditions for the rural sector to be considered a place of opportunities and development, declared the Minister of Agriculture of Chile

    María Emilia Undurraga, Chile's Minister of Agriculture, in an interview with Agro America, a program broadcast on Brazil's Agro Mais TV channel, gave details of her country's public policies in favor of rural development.