Ir Arriba


  • Vi Café youth cooperative: A passion for making the best coffee

    In San Antonio Huista, Guatemala, a youth cooperative is working to modernize the ancestral practices that hamper the production and commercialization of their crops, while teaching more and more people to appreciate great-tasting coffee.
  • Argentine concertina player, Oscar López Salaberry, joins the IICA campaign to pay tribute to food chain workers

    The musician and former diplomat has joined IICA in its campaign to heighten political and social awareness about the agricultural sector and rurality during Covid-19.
  • IICA and PROCAGICA distribute seeds and inputs to bolster the food security of small-scale Nicaraguan coffee farmers

    The materials were distributed to families in Matagalpa, Rancho Grande, Tuma La Dalia, Jinotega, El Cuá, San Sebastián de Yalí, Dipilto, El Jícaro and Jalapa.
  • Uruguayan Alejandro Balbis joins IICA’s campaign in tribute to food chain workers

    Dueño de una voz inconfundible, cuenta con una extensa trayectoria marcada por géneros como el rock and roll, la murga y la música rioplatense.
  • Nicaraguan singer, Ceshia Ubau, joins IICA in its tribute to food chain workers

    The singer-songwriter and composer has joined the IICA tribute to turn the political and social spotlight on the agriculture sector and rurality during Covid-19.
  • Precision Agriculture for Development (PAD) and IICA join forces to drive the digitalization of agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean

    The signing of the association agreement between both organizations was signed in the presence of witness of honor, Michael Kremer, Harvard Professor and 2019 Nobel Prize winner for Economics.