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System of Rice Intensification in the Americas: Progress Report

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United States of America

Representatives from more than 10 countries in the region gathered in Ibague, Colombia at FEDEARROZ to discuss how the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) can contribute to the competitiveness and sustainability of rice production in the region in the face of climate change.

SRI is an agro-ecological and climate-smart rice production methodology that has demonstrated significant environmental, social and economic benefits in the region.  This includes more efficient use of water, healthier soils, higher productivity with less agrochemical use, and increased resistance to extreme events such as droughts and heavy winds. 

The participants presented the results of their experiences with SRI to date with the objective of exchanging information, lessons learned and opportunities for adapting SRI in the Americas. In addition, the results from two SRI projects funded by FONTAGRO, information resources, and next steps to advance in Latin America and the Caribbean given the positive results achieved to date were discussed. 

A field visit allowed attendees to see the rice fields of Nicéforo Lozano and Leocadio Bocanegra, two smallholder farmers in the region, who have established SRI validation parcels next to conventional parcels to allow for comparison between the two methodologies.  Both producers highlighted positive results and the potential of this system.  

This second regional exchange was organized by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and the National Federation of Rice Growers of Colombia (FEDEARROZ), within the framework of the Project "Cultivate more with less: Adaptation, validation and promotion of the intensive system of rice cultivation (SRI) in the Americas as a response to climate change" financed by FONTAGRO and the GEF.

Watch a short video on the workshop produced by Vistazo Agropecuario or read the workshop summary.

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*This post appears in the IICA Delegation in the USA Newsletter – September – December 2017