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Latin American women shared knowledge to bridge the digital gap

San Jose, 10 September 2019 (IICA) – Close to 950 persons gathered at the Headquarters of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) to discuss options for bridging the digital gap that affects Latin American women, as well as learn about the work that women across the region are carrying out in the field of digital technology.

The 2019 LATINITY event brought together female entrepreneurs, researchers, students and representatives of businesses, cooperatives, public institutions and the academic sector with the aim of promoting women’s involvement in technology.

The meeting was organized by the Sulá Batsú cooperative, the TIC-as program and Latinas in Computing, in partnership with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT) and the National Institute for Women (INAMU) of Costa Rica, among other organizations. The event also received support from IICA.

Participants in the 2019 LATINITY conference analyzed the digital divide, entrepreneurship opportunities, international trends in technological developments, technology rights and the use of technology to resolve everyday problems.

“At IICA, we address technology use in a comprehensive manner, and strive to ensure that people are not affected by economic gaps and the digital divide,” stated Manuel Otero, Director General of the Institute, who participated in the close of the meeting. 

According to Luza Jaramillo, representative of Latinas in Computing, the event was held in Central America for the first time due to the region’s great potential as well as the interest shown by Central American women in digital technologies.

The conference enabled participants from different parts of the world to engage in dialogue on innovations and projects developed by women leaders, thereby providing them with an opportunity to establish professional networks, create linkages with leading global technological companies, and advance their careers at the international level.  

Technology and agriculture

2019 LATINITY participants also analyzed digital agriculture through panel discussions with specialists as well as a workshop on the opportunities afforded by technology in the context of climate change.

The discussion included contributions by five specialists in the fields of trade, climate change, innovation, the use of satellite imagery and the application of digital technologies in soils.

“The crucial role played by women in digital agriculture will become increasingly relevant as agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean becomes less dependent on physical strength and more so on the creative resolution of issues, efficiency, and responsible administration,” stated Priscila Henríquez, IICA specialist.

A large number of experiences related to the positive impact of technology in agriculture were shared during the event. “The use of technologies and tools such as high-quality satellite imagery has allowed for creating baselines and gathering information on products that cause deforestation,” stated researcher Heileen Aguilar of the National Center for High Technology of Costa Rica.


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