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IICA Demonstrates commitment of technical support to the Ministry of Agriculture by providing skills training in the making compost for Mocha Farmers

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On March 9, 2021, in response to request by the Ministry of Agriculture, the IICA Delegation represented by it Sustainable Rural Development Specialist, Mr. Arnold De Mendonca, provided a demonstration on the making of compost for Farmers of the Mocha Village on the East Bank of Demerara.

The training session was organized by Ms. Mitzie Smith-Barker Agriculture Officer responsible for the area.  Also in attendance were Mr. Oslyn Williams and Ms. Anastacia Long, Agricultural Officers and Mr. Davy George, Field Assistant.  It was done theoretical and practically.  Initially, with a power-point presentation supported with additional reading material on the subject at the Mocha Community Center and later with a Method Demonstration on a farmer’s plot. 

Additional to the presentation there was an interactive session where the benefits and uses of compost in crop production was advocated as a natural alternative to the use of inorganic fertilizers.  The training attracted 15 farmers from the surrounding area.

The training advocated the farmers having more control of the management of their plots in the improvement of the soil structure and soil nutrients provided to their crops in natural way.

IICA remains committed to the providing opportunities to enhance rural wealth among farmers and rural dwellers.

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