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    Livestock production in Mexico holds great potential to contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation

    The Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development of Mexico (SADER) and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) are coordinating a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action to transition towards sustainable extensive cattle farming.
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    Revamping agrifood systems: the key to developing the agriculture sector

    Casio Luiselli, university researcher and member of IICA’s Advisory Council for Food Security in the Americas, insists that the current health crisis poses new challenges for rural areas and their systems of political and economic organization – challenges that necessitate the renewal of agrifood systems.
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    Specialists propose participatory review of the Latin American and Caribbean territorial development model

    The occasion was the VI Conference and XIII Territorial Development Forum, organized by IICA, in collaboration with the Territorial Management Networks (GTD) of Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Spain.
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    Producers Market and IICA unite efforts to digitalize and simplify agrifood trade in the Americas

    The agreement will focus on facilitating trade and farmers’ access to different markets and consumers, via a technological platform that enables transparency and equity.
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    Locusts: a threat that calls for transnational strategies

    Representatives of more than 30 countries participated in the II Regional Cooperation Seminar for Latin America and the Caribbean. In November, a discussion forum for Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa will focus on locust prevention and control strategies.


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