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    Member countries of the Andean Community undertake commitment to strengthen family farming and intraregional trade

    The Ministers of Agriculture of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru signed a Declaration presented during the most recent session of the Andean Agricultural Forum, organized with support from IICA. Inter-agency committees will support the fulfillment of the agricultural agenda proposed in the document (see Ministerial Declaration).
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    Andean Agricultural Forum proposes regional agenda to boost trade and exports

    Improving market access, strengthening competitiveness and promoting the implementation of business strategies that facilitate diversification are key elements for fostering international trade in agricultural products in the Andean Region.
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    Producers Market and IICA unite efforts to digitalize and simplify agrifood trade in the Americas

    The agreement will focus on facilitating trade and farmers’ access to different markets and consumers, via a technological platform that enables transparency and equity.
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    Locusts: a threat that calls for transnational strategies

    Representatives of more than 30 countries participated in the II Regional Cooperation Seminar for Latin America and the Caribbean. In November, a discussion forum for Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa will focus on locust prevention and control strategies.
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    With support from IICA, Caribbean ministers of Agriculture bolster regional coordination to strengthen food security and trade

    The ministers of Agriculture of the Caribbean shared their experiences combating the pandemic and exchanged information on the crisis resulting from the decline in tourism. They discussed common policies that would allow for developing the agriculture sector and, in turn, reducing food imports, with support from IICA.
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