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    Minister of Science and Technology of Costa Rica endorses CIMAG, an IICA initiative that brings together education and tomorrow’s agriculture

    Adrián Salazar, head of MICITT, offered his support for the Interpretive Center for Tomorrow’s Agriculture (CIMAG), which was jointly created by IICA and Microsoft to familiarize young people in the Americas with the use of modern technologies in agriculture.
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    IICA and CropLife join forces to promote good agricultural practices and responsible biotechnology use in Latin America and the Caribbean

    An agreement signed between the organizations will promote regional agricultural sustainability by providing biotechnology and biosecurity training to producers and other groups.
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    IICA and MIOA maintain that information technology use in agricultural markets would enhance food trade and transparency

    The organizations are pushing for the applications of tools such as big data, artificial intelligence, chatbots, digital marketing, the Internet of Things, machine learning and satellite imagery.
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    Jamaica launches the International Year of Plant Health in the Caribbean with the support of IICA

    Protecting plant health can help end hunger by reducing crop losses to pest and diseases, reduce poverty, protect the environment, and boost economic development.
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    IICA and stakeholders in Trinidad and Tobago explore managing of biowaste to stimulate biobusiness and enhance environmental health

    IICA is conducting workshops in six Caribbean countries to boost composting as an economically viable and sustainable business.
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