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Delegation in Brazil

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    “IICA in Action”: New IICA podcast for Spotify will discuss challenges and opportunities for the agriculture and rural sector  

    En alrededor de 15 minutos, cada capítulo del podcast rescatará temas y elementos informativos con una dinámica renovada, voces diversas y acciones relevantes para la actividad agropecuaria y la vida rural. 
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    Boosting access to credit, markets and technology: Brazil’s formula to strengthen family farming

    Speaking at IICA, Fernando Schwanke, Brazil’s Secretary of Family Farming and Cooperativism, outlined his country’s new generation of public policies to bolster a sector that is key to food security and territorial development.
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    Expanding rural connectivity will mean taking the internet to these places and assisting people to utilize its services

    An IICA webinar on connectivity in Brazil analyzed the connectivity gaps brought to light by recent studies. Only half of this South American country’s rural population has internet access. A new law is aiming to drive investments.
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    Locusts: a threat fought by sharing knowledge

    Knowledge and experiences related to the management of the locust pest were exchanged during a cooperation seminar for Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and India.
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    Private sector identifies priorities and challenges in forging public sector partnerships to spur investment in agricultural research, development and innovation

    Executives from Bayer, Cargill and Walmart and private sector trade associations highlighted the digitalization of technical assistance, fund raising and improved communication about agricultural innovation research, as areas that are critical to investment.



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    Diálogos IICA Brasil

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