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5 weeks
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This course is designed for persons in the Caribbean Region involved in or seeking to start an agro-ecotourism business. It explores agro-ecotourism experiences and activities, and emphasizes key principles related to agro-ecotourism operations, management and planning. 

StartSeptember 25th ,2017

Limited-Enrollment: 80 seats

Background information

Tourism has become the world’s largest industry, but agro-ecotourism is identified as a rapidly growing segment of the dynamic global industry. In the Caribbean, traditional agricultural crops have declined because of the loss of trade preferences from our traditional European markets; and at the same time tourism has rapidly become the economic driver for many countries.

Research commissioned by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) suggests that the development of linkages between agriculture and tourism will enhance the local value of the tourism industry and promote sustainable domestic agriculture. A critical feature of this linkage is the capacity for the agriculture sector to meet the needs of the tourism sector as it pertains to the consistent supply of fresh, high quality, locally-produced food.


The aims of the course are to:

  • Create awareness about agro-ecotourism opportunities in the Caribbean
  • Establish a framework for planning agro-ecotourism initiatives at the local and regional levels
  • Build capacity of farmers and agripreneurs to increase incomes and enhance customer experiences using ecofriendly principles
  • Promote a value chain approach as a key factor for consolidating entrepreneurial initiatives and rural development in the region.


Module  1: 

  • An Introduction to Agro-ecotourism
  • Agro-ecotourism Project Development – Conceptualization and Preliminary Evaluation

Module 2:

  • Policies and Regulations
  • Marketing the Agro-ecotourism Business

Module 3:

  • The Business Plan Framework
  • Implementing the Agro-ecotourism Business Plan

Module 4:

  • Sustainable Agro-ecotourism Operations
  • Human Resources and Hospitality

Module 5:

  •  Caribbean Agro-ecotourism Case Studies


The distance learning course will take place during (5) weeks and will be taught with the academic supervision of specialized tutor who make the course dynamic and assist and guide participants as they take an active role in the learning process.

A constructive and collaborative learning environment will be provided.

The participants will work with reading materials specially designed for this modality as well as a required and recommended bibliography to expand on and deepen the themes developed. The course emphasizes active discussion and collective construction of knowledge from the experiences of the participants. All activities are based on the guidelines that the tutor provides. The tutor will evaluate the activities assigned to the participants and provide a substantive and qualitative feedback, in order to provide a consolidated analysis and individual clarifications or explanations as necessary. 


Imparting Organizations: 
  • IICA
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