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  • Water and soil: foundations for food security

    During a technical forum organized by IICA and CATIE, the importance of the relationship between water and soil, and their role in facing the challenge of feeding the world was discussed.

  • Technical forum

    Water and soil: foundations for food security

  • A reservoir was set up in the region and can provide water to 200 families

    Brasil and Paraguay

    New agricultural technologies support the fight against desertification and efforts to mitigate the effects of drought

  • Management of water

    Identifying the type of water footprint in agriculture is a way of making production more sustainable

  • World Water Council acknowledges IICA’s efforts to advance integrated water resource management


  • Technical forum

    Systematization of methods to determine water consumption in agricultural food chains


  • Ante la creciente escasez de agua dulce en el planeta, la agricultura debe comprometerse con formas más eficientes de uso del recurso, así como encontrar caminos posibles para una relación más amigable con el medio ambiente en pos de un futuro posible para todos.

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