• Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
  • Our commitment: Results



  • IICA and IDB explore topics for joint work agenda

    The priorities identified will seek to strengthen family farming in vulnerable areas of Central America, the Caribbean and northeastern Brazil.

  • IDB

    IICA and IDB explore topics for joint work agenda

  • New efforts

    FORAGRO to support achievement of Sustainable Development Goals

  • Mission with IICA

    Caribbean Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Agriculture see potential for increased cooperation and technology transfer with Argentina and Brazil

  • Cooperation

    Ministers of Agriculture of the Caribbean visit Argentina to foster greater cooperation and access to technology


  • Virtual forum

    Biobeds in agriculture: a good practice for protecting health and reducing environmental risks

  • Workshop

    Needs Assessment and vision

  • Technical forum

    Innovation in agricultural chains: Experiences and capacities

By sowing innovation, we are reaping prosperity


IICA's contribution to the Family Agriculture Plan for Productive Linkages (PAF CP). Family Agriculture Plan (PAF) of El Salvador.


  • Continuamos conversando sobre el informe Perspectivas de la agricultura y del desarrollo rural en las Américas: una mirada hacia América Latina y el Caribe 2017-2018. En esta edición presentamos “En detalle” las tendencias y perspectivas del sector agricultura (cultivos).

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