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Family farming


  • ​Eight years of work, an abundant harvest of results

    In his address to the Executive Committee, Victor M. Villalobos, Director General of IICA, presented the results achieved under his leadership and called for strengthening the stability of the Institute to continue working for the benefit of agriculture in the hemisphere.

  • Executive Committee

    ​Eight years of work, an abundant harvest of results

  • Results

    Our results

  • Gardening workshops

    4-H club members in Grenada and Carriacou spend holiday in their backyards

  • Agribusiness

    Canadians’ love for chocolate could prove useful in supporting agricultural communities in Peru


  • Technical forum

    Characterization of family farming in the Caribbean

  • Seminar

    Perm-apiculture techniques

  • Reduction of food losses

    Virtual Forum

    Reduction of food losses: Basic notions for postharvest management

IICA Multi-crate Handover


Agriculture Policy Programme actions in Grenada.


  • En el oriente de Guatemala un proceso participativo de investigación e innovación tecnológicas abrió una alternativa al pueblo indígena chortí, para enfrentar con éxito su difícil situación alimentaria y nutricional a través del consumo y venta de yuca.  Nos lo cuentan sus protagonistas.

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