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Family farming


  • Gender equity: engine for the development of family farming

    The First Lady of Costa Rica, specialists and women producers call for gender mainstreaming in public agricultural policies.

  • Seminar

    Gender equality, the unresolved challenge in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Inclusion

    Gender equity: engine for the development of family farming

  • Internship training

    IICA hosts training on facilitating associative internships for skills building on family agriculture

  • Internship training

    IICA Hosts Training on Facilitating Associative Internships for Skills Building on Family Agriculture


  • Reduction of food losses

    Virtual Forum

    Reduction of food losses: Basic notions for postharvest management

  • Family farming

    International Event

    International Week of Family Farming and Rural Development

  • Technical forum

    Green Intensive Farming Technologies

IICA Multi-crate Handover


Agriculture Policy Programme actions in Grenada.


  • Identificamos y revisamos “En detalle” algunos esquemas de comercialización que facilitan la articulación con los mercados de los productores de pequeña y mediana escala, incluyendo la agricultura familiar. Bajar cuña

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