• Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
  • Agriculture: A priority for sustainable development in the Americas



  • IICA presents a proposal to strengthen Mexico’s cow’s milk chain

    The proposal is in response to a request by the country’s Executive Commission for Cow’s Milk (CEBL - Spanish acronym), which is seeking to strengthen the institutional framework and governance of the sector.

  • Strategic

    IICA presents a proposal to strengthen Mexico’s cow’s milk chain

  • Bioeconomy

    Ecuador inaugurates plant that produces biocosmetics for commercial sale made from pine-nut oil

  • Bioeconomy

    Experiences in seven countries will inform IICA’s bioeconomy strategies for Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Toronto Global Forum

    IICA calls for an acceleration of the process to transform agriculture in America’s tropical belt countries


  • Technical Forum

    Microbial Biofertilizers & Sustainable Production

  • Technical forum

    Ministerial Conference in Nairobi: results in agriculture and some implications for IICA member countries

Expo Agri Biz - Grenada


Video of the Ministry of Agriculture of Grenada, produced by Jerry Malcolm. Listen to the producers talk about this initiative, which sought to boost Grenada's agricultural sector.


  • Una reciente regulación europea restringe los niveles de cadmio permitidos en los granos de cacao. Es un nuevo reto para los pequeños productores pequeña escala de cacao fino de aroma de Perú y Trinidad y Tobago, que exportan al viejo continente.

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