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  • IICA’s Delegation in St. Lucia carried out its Accountability Seminar

    The activity is a model for engaging stakeholders and validating national efforts.

  • Accountability

    IICA’s Delegation in St. Lucia carried out its Accountability Seminar

  • USDA

    IICA strengthens commitments to foster the adoption of trade facilitation standards for food products

  • Climate outlook

    “La Niña” phenomenon transitions to neutral phase, but tropical cyclone season will be more intense

  • Accountability

    IICA hosts annual accountability seminar in Trinidad and Tobago


  • Technical forum

    The dispute settlement system of the WTO and its relationship to sanitary and phytosanitary measures

  • Virtual forum

    Importance of assessing the impact of disasters on the livestock sector and presentation of a course in good emergency response practices

  • Virtual forum

    Biobeds in agriculture: a good practice for protecting health and reducing environmental risks

5 países del Caribe fortalecen sus conocimientos en Codex Alimentarius


IICA and the Government of Chile carried out a project that consisted of training 5 Caribbean countries to strengthen the management and knowledge of the Codex Alimentarius. How they did it?

They shared tactics to participate better in Codex meetings and generated strategies to have a greater impact on the elaboration of the guidelines that are analyzed there. They were strengthened at the national and country levels.

The initiative was financed by the Fondo Chile and executed by Achipia and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Learn more about this project.


  • Hoy Jendry Suárez, joven productora costarricense, nos acerca a la experiencia de una organización de pequeños productores que ha logrado generar oportunidades para que la juventud se inserte en la economía local y sea participante activa en los procesos de desarrollo de sus comunidades.

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