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Agricultural chains


  • IICA showcases its work for agricultural chains in the Americas

    A new video shows the Institute's work in this field over the past three years to make agricultural chains more competitive, sustainable and inclusive.

  • Video

    IICA showcases its work for agricultural chains in the Americas

  • Recognition

    IICA awarded at the Grenada Agribiz Expo 2017 for providing high quality technical cooperation



    IICA convenes dialogue with producers on the future of agri-food trade in the Northern region

  • Results

    Strengthening the competitiveness of horticulture in Argentina


  • Technical forum

    Innovation in agricultural chains: Experiences and capacities

  • Dialogue

    The Future of Agri-food Trade in the Northern Region: The Voice of the Producers

  • Technical Forum

    Borderless financing – Access and eXchange for impact investment and Sustainability (AXiiS)

Progress through 2016 - FP Agricultural Chains


Learn more about actions developed and carried out by the IICA Flagship Project that leads initiatives related to the competitiveness and sustainability of agricultural chains in the hemisphere.


  • En el año 2011 EEUU de América, mediante la Ley FSMA, establece nuevas exigencias para la exportación de alimentos a su mercado. Desde ese momento el IICA, junto a  socios estratégicos, inicia en América Latina y el Caribe un proceso de capacitación sobre el tema. Conozca de qué se trata y cómo nos beneficia.

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