• Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
  • Agriculture: A priority for sustainable development in the Americas



  • Swiss agriculture draws closer to Latin America and the Caribbean

    The head of agriculture in Switzerland met with senior IICA personnel. The European country has eight commercial agreements with countries in the region, and is currently engaged in negotiations with MERCOSUR and the United States.

  • At IICA

    Swiss agriculture draws closer to Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Agroindustry

    Bayer-IICA Agreement will promote food security and sustainable development in agriculture

  • Bioeconomy

    Experiences in seven countries will inform IICA’s bioeconomy strategies for Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Caribbean Trade

    Infrastructural gaps: stumbling blocks to the development of Caribbean countries


  • Technical forum

    Tools for international agricultural trade in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Workshop

    Biobeds in agriculture: a good practice for protecting health and reducing environmental risks

  • Technical forum

    The WTO dispute settlement system and its relationship to trade in agricultural goods

Expo Agri Biz - Grenada


Video of the Ministry of Agriculture of Grenada, produced by Jerry Malcolm. Listen to the producers talk about this initiative, which sought to boost Grenada's agricultural sector.


  • En nuestra América el 90% de la producción de cacao está en manos de agricultores de pequeña escala, mujeres y hombres que enfrentan grandes dificultades para insertarse en los mercados. Una experiencia desarrollada en Costa Rica nos demuestra que lograrlo es posible. Bajar cuña

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