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The Trinidad & Tobago Dairy Goat Manual: Breeds, Milking, Herd Health, Records

Trinidad and Tobago Goat and Sheep Society, Chaguanas (Trinidad and Tobago) | IICA, Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)

The information contained in this manual describes the important aspects of dairy goat production in Trinidad and Tobago. Its purpose is to help you and other farmers improve your production. The manual assumes that you are interested in dairy goat production but it does not assume that you know anything about rearing them. This manual provides you with some basic knowledge and technologies about various aspects of dairy goat production including but not limited to: choosing good goats, nutrition, feeding, breeding, grooming, disease control and treatment. There is a chapter which gives an example of proper record keeping tables and even includes a herd projection table for a twenty doe unit.

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