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IICA strategy for Belize: 2014-2018

IICA, Belmopán (Belice)

IICA’s Medium Term Plan (MTP) 2014-2018 builds on the initiatives developed in its MTP 2010-2014 and develops a new approach including the technical cooperation (TC) model and instruments for providing TC services to its member states. It renews the Institute’s commitment to strengthen its technical capabilities in order to address the challenges facing the agricultural and rural sector that were identified in both the current MTP and the Strategic Plan (SP) 2010-2020, as well as the various mandates and commitments made in the last two meetings of the IABA. The MTP was formulated through a dialogue involving the Institute’s different units, a broad process of consultation with the member countries, and a review of the Institute’s technical cooperation (TC) model and the instruments for intervention and actions.

The mandates and the consultative approach obligate the Institute and its personnel to redouble their efforts in order to execute, together with the member countries and other strategic partners, actions that will address those challenges effectively, utilizing all the opportunities available, and devising innovative solutions to achieve results of excellence that will have an impact and positive transformations in the agricultural sector and the rural areas.

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