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Dialogue for Agricultural Policies in the Americas

Dialogue for Agricultural Policies in the Americas

In light for the Post-2015 Development Agenda

About the Series of Seminars (Spanish)

The IICA Office in Brazil, the IICA Office in the United States, and the Center for Strategic Analysis for  Agriculture (CAESPA) have created an opportunity for dialogue in the Americas regarding agricultural  policies through a series of virtual policy seminars. The objective of this dialogue is to support IICA’s  member countries in defining their agricultural policies, keyed to the construction of the post-2015  development agenda.

Agriculture has a major role to play in responding to the urgent need to strengthen food security, and to  ensure inclusive economic and social development, and environmental sustainability, in line with the  Millennium Development Goals and the discussions surrounding the post-2015 development agenda. Given the challenge of having policies and institutions consistent with the trends, challenges, and  opportunities of the future, this policy seminar serves to establish a mechanism for dialogue among IICA’s  member countries to facilitate awareness, analysis and identification of lessons that can be applied to the  specific conditions of each country, based on a consideration of the changes under way in different  regions and countries of the world. 

This initiative is aligned with the new institutional priorities set forth in the IICA’s 2014-2018 Medium Term Plan and with IICA’s commitment to contribute to supporting the transformations needed to  promote competitive, sustainable and equitable agriculture in the Americas.

The Series of Seminars 

1. U.S. Farm Bill (October 9th, 2014)

2. Brazilian Agricultural Policy (October 24th, 2014)

3. Canadian Agricultural Policy (November 7th, 2014)

4. Chilean Agricultural Policy (November 20th, 2014)

5. European Union Common Agricultural Policy (May 6th, 2015)

6. Agricultural Policy and Regional Integration in Central America (July 20th, 2015)

7. China Agricultural Policy: Implications for Agriculture in the Americas (August 17th, 2015)

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