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  • Buenos Aires
    Fri, 10/19/2018

    “The role of natural resources in the economy is key for economic and social development”

    IICA participated in the International Forum on Bioenergy, during which it argued that bioeconomy allows for reassessing natural resource use and agricultural coordination.

  • Mexico City
    Fri, 10/19/2018

    IICA staff met with the Secretary of Agriculture-elect of Mexico

    Gloria Abraham, IICA Representative in Mexico, and Diego Montenegro, Director of Management and Regional Integration of the international agency, participated in the meeting. They were welcomed by Víctor Villalobos, Secretary of Agriculture-elect of Mexico, and his work team, who endorsed IICA’s work for the benefit of Mexico’s agriculture sector.

  • San José, Costa Rica
    Fri, 10/19/2018

    “We need to be given a voice and a face so that others understand that we do matter”

    Celeste Anderson, a rural woman from Treasure Beach, Jamaica, urged agricultural authorities in the Americas to open their eyes to the reality of women who work the land.

  • San Jose, Costa Rica
    Wed, 10/17/2018

    Women’s incorporation into the job market is key for development and poverty reduction

    Susana Balbo, Chair of W20, a G20 engagement group, made this statement during her visit to IICA Headquarters in Costa Rica, where she participated in the Institute’s commemoration of the International Day of Rural Women.

  • San Jose, Costa Rica
    Tue, 10/16/2018

    IICA adopts three cooperation agreements for the benefit of rural women in Brazil, Central America and the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica

    The agreements will seek to foster greater access to technologies and provide greater visibility for the work carried out by rural women. 

  • San Jose, Costa Rica
    Tue, 10/16/2018

    IICA presented its strategies for rural women and paid tribute to them on their day

    In a ceremony attended by guests from around the world, the specialized agency for agriculture and rural development in the Inter-American System disclosed that its initiatives for rural women will foster and promote financial independence, entrepreneurship and the increased participation of women in decision-making forums.


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