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May 2018 · Bulletin 2
From the Desk of the Representative - IICA Delegation in the USA Newsletter — March - April 2018

Welcome to our second edition of 2018.

As I prepare to write this introduction to our March-April newsletter, I realize how active these last two months have been for our Institute and for our Delegation here in Washington, D.C.  If you want to have a greater view of all IICA´s work, I invite you to visit  

Eighteen countries of the hemisphere boost expertise in new techniques in biotechnology application

Specialists caution that biotechnology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and therefore it is vital that we examine the impact of national regulations for use in agriculture.

Otero calls on Latin American leaders to adopt sound national agricultural policies

Otero participates in the VIII Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru.

In the 21st century, rural development is synonymous with sustainable development

Rural development is fundamental to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals according to the leading international agencies dedicated to the rural world.

Addressing climate change in Argentina’s agricultural sector

Over 35 representatives from different institutions, including MINAGRO, MAyDS, FAO, CIMA, INTA, and the Ministry of External Relations,  participated and ensured a wide range of perspectives. 

Linking cutting-edge science and decision making to support agriculture under climate change

The seventh edition of the Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) Global Workshop was held in Latin America for the first time, co-organized by IICA. Approximately 150 specialists from six continents participated in a global workshop.

Mobilizing wider support for agricultural research in the Americas

Argentina’s national agricultural research institute hosted the FORAGRO board of directors this past April. The workshop centered on the contribution of FORAGRO to achieving the SDGs: end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, promote sustainable agriculture, and create partnerships.

IICA contributes to the introduction of technology in St. Kitts and Nevis to help nations recover from Maria and Irma

Greenhouses, standing tree crops, vegetables, livestock feed, poultry and small ruminants were lost or damaged by the high winds and flood waters caused by last year’s hurricanes.

IICA has implemented its program of cooperation through 54 initiatives, which have invested the resources of the quota shares budgeted during the year, detailed below: four flagship projects (competitiveness of the chains, resilience and changes climate change, inclusion and family farming); an agricultural health and food safety strategy; three multinational projects on innovation, organic means of production and value-added; twelve regional integration mechanisms; and 34 fast-response actions that dealt with critical or economic situations in the national domain. A portfolio of 195 initiatives completes the package, with annual execution exceeding US $ 140 million, provided by many partners:
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