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December 2018 · Bulletin IICA04-2018
IICA Delegation in Canada Newsletter: October - December 2018
Rep’s Message

It was gratifying to note the convergence of perspectives on the importance of the Canadian office as a bridge (to & from the rest of the Americas) with respect to knowledge, technologies and innovations. 

Canadian Partners Weigh in on IICA’s New Plan

Breakout group discussions represented a new and highly favored feature at the annual partners’ meeting.  Groups focussed their energies on reviewing factors pertinent to: Economic growth/ Sustainable development; Well-being in the territories; International Trade; Resilience in agri-food systems; and, Engaging people

Celebrating the successes of the Government of Canada’s CIFSRF

Agriculture and development professionals from across Canada and around the world came together to celebrate the successes of the CA$124.5 million Canadian International Food Security Research Fund (CIFSRF). 

New batch of agricultural researchers for exchange program

The 2019 Research and Internship Assistance Program (RIAP) closed its call for applications for research assistance. A  Selection Committee assessed the eligible applications coming from diverse parts of the Americas, such as: Canada, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador, and Trinidad & Tobago.

The Food System Microbiome

The group met in Ottawa, to hare scientific updates on related activities in countries across the world, plan of mapping exercises as well as learn of funding opportunities under the European Commission’s framework programs.

Atlantic Canada Mission

This region could offer best practices, lessons learned and guidance for fostering an enabling policy regime and production system in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Sister Talk”: Researchers and Policymakers discuss indigenous genetic resources

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) shared aspects of the recently concluded 3 Sisters Value Chain Project involving First Nation communities in Quebec on seeking to identify prospects for partnerships for future activities, this presented an excellent opportunity for IICA and PROCINORTE.

Impact Sessions with Parliamentarians on Ag Research & Innovation

The theme - “Economic Impact of Agricultural Research and Innovation” was evident during the symposium & Government Impact Sessions hosted November 5 to 7 in Ottawa, Ontario.  IICA being a co-sponsor of the event was privy to the various interactions. 

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