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 About the IICA Office in the United States 


Contribute to institutional efforts to garner political and financial support from the United States Government to achieve the objectives of IICA’s 2010-2014 Medium Term Plan (MTP). 
 Support institutional efforts to secure financial and technical resources in support of the Institute’s technical cooperation programs.
 Contribute to increasing the visibility and credibility of IICA with relevant partners.
 Provide IICA Headquarters and IICA’s offices in 33 other countries in the hemisphere with information on trends, policies, studies, events of interest in the United States, for action, as appropriate.

IICA’s Office in the United States contributes to institutional efforts in positioning IICA as a preferred partner for the U.S. Government and U.S.-based institutions in agriculture and rural development for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The IICA Office in the United States focuses on strengthening existing relationships and developing new relationships with key U.S. Government Agencies and U.S.-based entities to seek out opportunities to collaborate in various areas of mutual strategic interest.

Specifically, IICA’s USA Office facilitates dialogue between officials within the United States Government, international organizations, foundations, universities, NGOs and others based in the United States, and the Institute’s senior management, including the Director General and Deputy Director General, to advance a wide ranging agenda for sustainable agriculture and rural development in the Americas.

While the IICA Office in the United States is not charged directly with managing technical agricultural projects for the United States, the Office’s technical specialists contribute to the formulation and development of agricultural technical cooperation projects for Latin American and Caribbean countries, and facilitate securing project funding in support of IICA’s mission.

The U.S. Office facilitates implementation of the Institute’s External Relations Strategy with strategic partners including the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Organization of American States (OAS), and other U.S.-based entities with the aim of furthering joint collaboration in technical areas of common interest within the priority areas identified in the Institute’s Medium Term Plan (MTP). Some areas targeted include food security, food safety and animal health, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, climate change, biotechnology and bio-safety, agro-energy, agro-tourism, agriculture insurance and risk management, rural agro-industry and rural development.

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