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 To tackle the major challenges facing agriculture IICA sets up high-level technical committees
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 To advance integrated water resource management World Water Council acknowledges IICA’s efforts
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 In Guatemala, project with corn and bean growers Improved agricultural practices benefit 9700 families
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 Mexico to promote the agricultural development of Central America and the Caribbean
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 IICA project financed by Caritas Diocesana de Bilbao in Spain Reforestation and energy saving stoves are improving living conditions in Haiti
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 IICA’s Director General in the framework of the COP 20, Lima “For agriculture to be sustainable, it has to incorporate knowledge and innovation”
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 IICA in COP20 Agriculture in the Americas during discussions on climate change, in Lima
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 In the run up to the COP 20 IICA to take part in Global Landscapes Forum in Lima
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 Family agriculture benefits from selling its products in nearby farmers’ markets
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 Experts advocate application of fair trade concept to local markets
 Cusco, Peru: Living well in bioclimatic housing
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 Oportunities for the Americas: Collective efforts to tackle climate change
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 Countries evaluate challenges involved in adapting agriculture to climate change
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 A dialogue to strengthen IICA’s technical capacity
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 Innovation in agriculture: a key process for sustainable development
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 Director General of IICA: “Investing in agricultural innovation is a highly profitable business”
 New appellations of origin and geographical indication for Central American coffee
Coffee rust in Central America             
 IICA renews its technical cooperation model
 OAS Permanent Council recognizes IICA’s contribution to agriculture in the hemisphere
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 New project will strengthen sanitary and phytosanitary regulations in the Caribbean
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 Víctor M. Villalobos begins second term at helm of IICA
 Countries call for improved efforts to transfer tech's for adaptation of climate change to small producers
 Ministers of Agriculture agree on agenda for cooperation in the area of integrated water management
 IICA presented its results and strenghtened the alliances in the Caribbean
 New ECLAC-FAO-IICA report: Family agriculture has a key role in ensuring food security in LAC
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 Inter-American Board of Agriculture re-elects Director General of IICA
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 Ministers of agriculture of the Americas to hold landmark meeting in Argentina
 IICA and PROMECAFE launch series of radio programs on combating coffee rust
 Cryoconservation, a modern response to the challenges of long-term plant conservation
 Interview: "Countries regard IICA as a strategic partner in the area of biosafety"
 IICA to promote Brazil's experience in the field of rural area-based development
 IICA contribution to the Family Agriculture Plan of El Salvador
 Agriculture and integrated water management: two strategic factors in food production
 Coffee rust in Central America
 The water footprint: an important calculation with major implications on agriculture
 The Americas account for only 3.5% of the global agricultural insurance market
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 Ambassadors to the OAS give ringing endorsement to IICA’s technical support for agriculture
 Political agreement must support agriculture in negociations on climate change
 Variations on land tenure in Latin America and the Caribbean
 Traceability, a source of pride for Uruguay’s livestock subsector
 Queso Turrialba: the story of a ‘tasty’ designation of origin
 At COP 18, Costa Rica presented initiatives to enable agriculture to mitigate and adapt to climate change
 Tropical agriculture gears up for climate change: the case of Costa Rica at COP18
 It is vital that the importance of agriculture be recognized at COP18
 New FAO, ECLAC and IICA report provides in-depth study of agriculture and rural development in the region
 Second Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development
 IICA reaffirms commitment with the development of Caribbean agriculture
 Looking to the future, IICA celebrated 70 years of existence
 Experts present research aimed at adapting maize and bean production to climate change
 IICA: Increase in prices of agricultural products is temporary
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 FORAGRO to discuss role of innovation in strengthening family agriculture
 Caribbean urges interagency effort to respond to black sigatoka emergency
 Call for proposals: financing available for energy and forestry management projects / Andean
 El Salvador presented results of PAF production chains program
 The 70th Anniversary of IICA
 IICA inaugurates WTO Reference Center
 Rio+20 recognizes importance of sustainable agriculture
 Inter-agency report recommends that the G20 promote investment and innovation in agriculture
 What is the connection between agriculture and Rio+20?
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 Food production has increased, but inequalities threaten food security in the Americas
 G20 will tackle obstacles to the achievement of global food security
 Growth of agricultural trade worldwide to come mostly from developing countries
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 Ambassadors to the OAS acknowledge IICA’s experience and technical capacity
 El Salvador shows its commitment to family agriculture
 Summit of the Americas calls for promotion of greater investment in the agriculture sector
 IICA distributes environmentally friendly stoves in Haiti
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 Family Agriculture and Sustainability: the debate has begun leading up to Rio+20
 IICA and FAO sign agreement consolidating their joint efforts in the Americas
 IICA to answer call from United Nations to find ways to adapt to climate change
 IICA expresses optimism despite challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean
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 Tizimin, where corn is being grown in stony soil
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Innovation in the cultivation of jatropha promoted to spur production of biofuels
Platform supported by IICA to finance projects aimed at small-scale producers
IICA participated in meeting on genetic resources of LAC
Sustainable forestry and renewable energy projects will benefit the Andean region
ECLAC, FAO and IICA: The region must close technology gaps to increase food production
Prahbu Pingali, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Latin America is a source of innovation for other parts of the world
Ministers propose creation of strategy to promote innovation in agriculture
Argentina to host the next meeting of the Inter-American Board of Agriculture
Investment and transfer of knowledge: Key elements for innovation in agriculture
The answers to the global challenges facing agriculture may be found in the Americas
Meeting of Ministers of Agriculture of the Americas 2011
Agro-biotechnologies: bio-logical tools at the service of agriculture
New realities, new paradigms: the new agricultural revolution
IICA and international centers of the CGIAR create partnership to promote innovation in agriculture in the Americas
Central American markets share good agribusiness practices related to market access
Reduction of agricultural emissions fundamental for achieving carbon neutrality
A look to our most relevant actions in 2010
Network Created for Management of Innovation in the Agrifood Sector
Executive Committee calls for agricultural innovation
Central America gears up for the challenge of climate change
Costa Rica and IICA sign agreement to organize hemispheric agricultural meeting
Modern agrobiotechnology,a step forward in making up for the shortcomings of the Green Revolution
Food Price Volatility in Latin America and the Caribbean
Learning from others: IICA documents successful attempts to develop rural agribusinesses
Coffee growersin pursuit of designation of origin
Poultry Manuals travel from Ecuador to Indonesia  
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